Use Fear To Your Advantage

April 16, 2022 1 min read

Andy sitting in the gym

Are you scared?

...because if you aren't...

You're lying to yourself.

Everyone is scared.

Including me.

The people you admire the most may appear to be calm on the outside…

But I promise you these people are the most scared.

This is the exact reason why I do everything in my power to improve every single day...

Because fear is the single greatest source of fuel you can use to become successful in life.

For me, I'm afraid of a lot of things … but living a meaningless life is what scares me most.

Terrified actually.

...Which makes me run faster and harder than any of my competition.

Successful people don't avoid fear...

They simply utilize it as a trigger to take action.

If you can cultivate this skill too...

It can be a tremendous asset for you and your success.

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