This Is What Our Society Needs…

December 24, 2021 1 min read

Andy talking to a group of people

By telling the next generation that they are special little flowers...

...and that they "deserve" everything in the world for existing...

We are failing them.

What do you think happens when these kids go out into the real world with this plush, idealistic perspective?

They get their teeth kicked in.

The real world doesn't give a fuck about your feelings...

The real world only cares whether you can execute or not.

So why aren't we preparing the next generation for reality by telling them the truth?

It's our responsibility to teach them how to face real-world struggles…

Not live in an idealistic fairytale.

The real world is competitive...

It's kill or be killed.

That's the ideology we need to be teaching the next generation.

That’s what we need in society today…

To build a generation of people who work hard to get what they want…

...and never feel entitled to anything.

That's how we change shit in this country.

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