This Is All That Matters...

November 21, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella on stage

Have you ever heard a person who was truly winning in life talk shit about someone else?

If so...

Was the person doing the shit talking doing better or worse than the person they were talking shit on?

Think about it.

In the NFL there are 80-100 thousand people in the stands...

...and only 22 on the field.

If you are in the game...

You don't listen to the people in the stands.

You keep executing the best you can.

You keep running the score up.

If you can't do that...

You don't belong on the field.

At what level do you want to play at?

Pee wee?

High School?


The Pros?

Hate and jealousy come with the territory.

Get used to it and make their fucking eyes hurt with your winning.

You're doing shit...

They aren't.

That's all that matters.

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