The Real World Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings

September 30, 2020 1 min read

Andy talking to a group

There’s an old saying that goes…

“Do business with emotions ... but don’t be emotional while doing business.”

I can’t agree more.

Tons of people take their successes and failures in business and mix it with their emotions...

And fail miserably.

Your mood shouldn’t be a factor that influences how much shit you get done today.

Regardless of what you feel like...

Get up and get shit done.

Don’t cloud your judgement based on your emotions.

Assess your successes and failures based on facts, data, and results … not based on your feelings.

The real world doesn’t care about your feelings.

It cares about action.

It cares about execution.

And if you want to win in life...

You have to execute regardless of how you feel.

Always look for what’s there.

Not what you wish to be there.

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