Understanding is an Art

September 29, 2020 1 min read

andy in his car

Understanding is an art.

Not everybody is born an artist.

Contrary to popular belief, developing a good understanding of whatever your subject matter may be…

...is not something you are born with.

Understanding is developed by a lot of practice.

Understanding is developed by a lot of trial and error.

Understanding is developed by utilizing a wonderful mix of good and bad judgements.

It grows on you.

I am not just talking in terms of business.

I’m talking about understanding yourself.

Understanding other people.

Understanding what is going good in your life...

...and contrarily what is not going good in your life.

Then trying to understand and acknowledge that you need to change something.

Most people never understand this.

They keep getting moved in any direction their life takes them.

They keep complaining why it keeps happening to them.

So I will say this again:

Understanding is an art....

...and not everybody is born an artist.

Think about it.

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