The Production Pivot

June 26, 2024 1 min read

The Production Pivot

We all have a bitch voice.

It's that voice that lives inside your head and talks you out of doing the shit you know you need to do to become great.

It tells you to cut corners.

It tells you to compromise.

It tells you to save it for later.

It tells you it's not a big deal.

It tells you nobody will notice.

It tells you to relax and take it easy.

...and if you choose to listen to this voice and allow it to influence your decisions...

It will fuck up your entire life.

All highly successful people have trained themselves to take action regardless of what this voice tells them.

This is a skill you must develop if you want to win too.

Every single time your bitch voice gets loud and these thoughts cross your mind...

Use it as a trigger to take immediate action.

I call this The Production Pivot.

Anytime my bitch voice tries to talk me out of the shit I need to do to make progress...

I use it as an opportunity to execute.

Not just by completing the task at hand...

...but also by doing a little extra to retrain these thoughts in the most effective way possible.

What would your life look like if every single time you felt like cutting a corner or skipping a task...

You doubled down on your execution and did a little extra?

You know the answer.

Bury your bitch voice with your execution.

It's the only way to beat it.

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