Seek Advice, Not Validation

September 23, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella sitting in an auditorium

If you're serious about your growth and development in life...

You must humble yourself to learning and constantly seeking perspectives outside of your own.

But what do most people do?

Instead of seeking advice to find the real truth...

They look for someone to validate their existing thoughts and opinions.

...and because they reject the truth to satisfy their ego...

They continue to get exactly what they've always gotten in life...


This is why most people lose.

Winners never seek validation.

They seek truth.

They understand that by challenging what they know...

They are able to develop a more realistic and complete perspective...

One that will help guide them to their future wins.

Be conscious of this in your own life.

Are you seeking advice and new perspectives to help you find the truth?


Are you seeking validation to appease your ego?

You can't learn anything new if you're convinced that you already know everything.

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