History is Written by Winners

September 22, 2023 1 min read

Andy talking into a microphone

When it comes to Greatness…

Everybody knows Michael Jordan.

Everybody knows Joe Montana.

Everybody knows Tiger Woods.

Everybody knows Usain Bolt.

...and if you would like your name to be remembered amongst the greatest of all time...

You have to WIN.

History is written by the people who do.

Nobody else.

You can show up and try your hardest...

You can have the best intentions...

You can even become pretty good…

But unless you produce results and WIN...

Your legacy will be non-existent.

It always has been this way...

...and always will be this way.

Instead of bitching about how "unfair" that is...

Dedicate yourself to becoming legitimately one of the best ever at what you do.


Nobody remembers the person who won the silver medal.

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