Perspective Is Everything

March 24, 2020 2 min read


The way you look at things will make you or break you.

Most people at the starting line of the success journey look at it as this giant mountain and uphill battle that could take years to climb.

They see the amount of distance that needs to be traveled, and the amount of work to be done, and they talk themselves out of taking a journey that would ultimately lead to an extradorinaiy life.

Most people fail before they even take the first step.

They look at the guys at the top of the mountain and think “he has something I don't” or “he must have gotten really lucky”...they look for every single opportunity to sell themselves on a story as to why they can't do it.

...All to avoid doing the work.

ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE have developed the ability to stay laser focused on where they are going REGARDLESS of how much work it's going to take.

The work is irrelevant to them.

Not only is it done...with pride...after a long enough time it becomes LOVED and living any other way just doesn’t even make sense.

Succeeding becomes habit.

Success is simple.

It's putting one foot down in front of the other.

Day in.

Day out.

One day at a time.

One win at a time.

If you’re at the bottom of your mountain and telling yourself the bullshit “I cant” stories...stop right now... and MOVE in the direction of your goals.

Action cures all.

Do something right now that brings you closer to your goal...even if you’re still a billion miles away from where you want to be.

And while you take that step forward, think about how great that view is going to be at the top.

You are training your mind to think like a successful person.

Just like any muscle, if you train it long enough, hard enough, and consistently enough, it will become strong.

Your thoughts & actions will become automatic.

You will no longer struggle with the frustration of the length of the journey or the difficulty of the battle...because you will fucking live for the battle.

When you develop enough mental strength to go from the thinking of “that might work” to “This will work” no matter what your have real power.


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