How Do You Become Cool?

March 25, 2020 2 min read


What is cool?

I see people working really fucking hard to find it...

...and you’re missing the mark.

Let's break this down...

Tattoos won't make you cool.

Muscles won't make you cool.

A beard won't make you cool.

Money won't make you cool.

That car won't make you cool.

That house won’t make you cool.

That watch won't make you cool.

That purse won't make you cool.

Those shoes won't make you cool.

Bottle service won't make you cool.

Those clothes won't make you cool.

Followers won't make you cool.

Likes won't make you cool.

Cool isn’t any of that shit.

You can still like that shit...I doesn’t make you cool though.

There is only ONE THING that will GUARANTEE “being cool”...

Want to know what it is?

Sure you do...because even though you say you give “zero fucks”, the truth is obvious...and since I'm here to help...let me oblige you:

THE ONLY THING that is going make you universally cool...without an expiration putting in the time and energy into figuring out & deciding exactly who you REALLY are and LIVING that life authentically and a way that positively impacts others.

Struggling with that?

We all's a process....keep pushing for that truth.

And since I gave you the universal path to cool...I'll also give you the most uncool thing you can do as well:

The MOST uncool thing you can do is never put the time & effort in to decide who you really are OR be too afraid to live it, and then instead sliding into someone else's lane and trying to steal their sauce and pass it off as your own.

Remember, cool isn't just how you’re seen by's how you see yourself too.

And seeing yourself in a positive light when you’re living a negative life is impossible.

So clear your conscious by living right, doing right and taking care of business (nobody respects lazy...especially yourself)


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