Keep This Tool Sharp

June 04, 2024 1 min read

Your mind is the most important tool that you use every day to create the life you ultimately want for yourself.

...and if you are in pursuit of big goals and dreams in life...

Don't you think it would be in your best interest to keep this tool as sharp and healthy as possible?

Most people don't.

Most people allow their mind to deteriorate by neglecting the factors in their direct control which influence how sharp and effective this tool is.

Instead of reading and seeking new information to influence their perspective, mindset and skillset...

They consume trash content on social media.

Instead of taking care of their physical wellbeing which has a direct tie to their mental wellbeing by exercising and eating right...

They sit on their ass and put garbage in their body.

Instead of challenging themselves mentally and disciplining themselves to the actions necessary to build mental toughness...

They do what's comfortable, easy and convenient.

Instead of setting clear boundaries and surrounding themselves with people who encourage them to be better...

They get involved in drama and bullshit and surround themselves with people who live a low standard and hold them back.

If you're serious about reaching your goals and becoming great...

You have to keep this tool sharp by training it daily.

No different than a car with a bad engine...

A weak and undisciplined mind will take you nowhere.

It influences every decision you make and the life you create in a very real and undeniable way.

Take care of it.

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