Face Your Problems Head-On

June 03, 2024 1 min read


Far too many people are convinced that once they complete that one task...

Make that one change...

Or reach that one goal...

That all of their problems are going to magically disappear for good.

They'll say shit like...

"Once I get this promotion ... Life will be easy."

"Once I check this off my list ... I can relax."

"Once I lose this 20 pounds ... I can finally be happy."

...which are all completely normal thoughts to have.

But that doesn't make them true.

What these people fail to realize is the simple fact that this mindset is exactly what keeps them stuck in life.

You must understand...

The only thing capable of solving your problems and providing a permanent solution is your ability to accept responsibility...

Face your problems head-on...

...and fix them yourself.

Not that "one thing."

Not that one person.

YOU ... and you alone.

The longer you try to escape from this reality by pointing blame at anything or anyone outside of yourself...

The longer your problems will persist.

Own your shit.

Fix your shit.

There is no other way.

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