Invest Your Time Wisely

May 31, 2024 2 min read


Regardless of what you see or hear from all the dumbfucks on the internet...

If you are actually serious about creating an extraordinary life for yourself...

The overwhelming majority of your time...

Your effort...

Your energy...

...and your focus will be spent in pursuit of whatever it is you're working to accomplish.

Thinking that you can go out and enjoy all the "fun" shit like the nights out, week-long vacations, and celebrations while still kicking ass and becoming a massive success in life is a lie.

You can have one or the other.

Never both.

The journey is long.

The journey is painful.

The journey will take everything you have ... which is realistically a lot more than you think.

But here's what you must understand...

When you stop doing all of the "fun" shit that’s keeping you stuck in life...

It can feel like a sacrifice.

It is.

...but only if you think of it that way.

The reality is ... you aren't sacrificing anything.

You are simply choosing to invest your time, energy, and efforts elsewhere.

...and that investment is one that will pay massive dividends in the form of a far more "fun" and rewarding life in the future.

If you feel like you have to sacrifice all the good times for the life you truly want...

You will always feel miserable.

Transition your mindset of sacrifice to a mindset of investment.

When you spend your time building the habits and taking the actions necessary to win...

You're investing in better times.

When you spend your time fucking off and doing what's fun in the moment...

You're investing in worse times.

Make sure you're investing wisely.

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