Show Them That You Care

May 30, 2024 1 min read

Truly caring about someone means pushing them and holding them to the highest standard possible.

...but society has conditioned you to think differently.

We're told that caring about someone means being "nice" and "gentle.”

But do you actually believe that by allowing these people to cut corners...

Allowing them to operate at a sub-standard...

Allowing them to fall short on their promises...

...and ultimately allowing them to shortchange their potential in life...

Is actually what it means to care about that person?

I don't.

...and truthfully...

I believe this actually communicates the message that you don't give a fuck about them at all.

If you truly love and care about someone...

Including yourself...

You wouldn't cheat them out of the life they have the potential to build because you were unwilling to have the difficult conversations they needed in order to improve.

You'd push them.

You'd hold them to a high standard.

You'd teach them the skills necessary to win.

You'd make sure they keep their promises.

...and you'd do it all without compromise.

I'm never hard on people because I don't care...

I'm hard on people because I do.

...and even when these people have hated me for it in the short term...

They've always ended up being extremely grateful in the long term.

That's the truth.

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