Information Is Not The Answer

August 26, 2020 1 min read

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Do you want to succeed in life?

You're reading this ... so I'm assuming your answer is "Yes"

My next question is: What information do you need to know to succeed?

Whatever it is, there's a really good chance that it's one click away.

All the information you desire is sitting on the other side of an online search.

But why do only some people "make it" in life, and the majority of the people who say "they want it bad" never do?

You wanna know why?

It's because just having information is not the answer.

You need to EXECUTE.

You wonder why all these motivational courses and seminars are never effective?

It's because they get you hyped up for a day or two, or maybe a couple of weeks…

Then you fall back into the rut of accumulating more information...

...and seek the "secret" to success…

You may have heard me refer to these people as "Success Zombies"...

They're at every seminar and part of every group just taking in piles of information...

...but they never take action.

This very habit is why most people are average, and will stay average their whole life.

You need to act on your goals.


For a long period of time.

If information was the answer to everything, everyone would be a billionaire.

Everything you want in life is waiting to be unleashed…

You just need to do the work.

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