Stop Listening to “Other People”

August 27, 2020 1 min read

Every day you are faced with hundreds of decisions…

What clothes to wear?

What phone calls to make?

What people to meet with?

The list can be different depending on who you are.

But my point is…

The majority of people are so paralyzed by the hypothetical reaction of "other people"...

That they never act on most of their deep-rooted desires.

I see a lot of people, every single day, who are just numb due to fear…

Fear of what "other people" would say if they just did what they wanted to do in life.

They are thinking about the reactions of people they don’t even know…

...and they never go for the dream they've had in mind for years.

If I had listened to the "other people" in my life…

Or if I would have feared what those people would say when I started my business back in 1999…

There would be no MFCEO, no Andygram, no Real AF Podcast, no 1st Phorm, no Supplement Superstores, nothing.

I just decided to delete the fear out of my brain which caused inaction.

Get out of your own way.

The worst bullies you will ever face in your life are your own thoughts.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of factors in the business world which can dictate if you are successful or not.

But don’t let the fear of those "other people" be the most deciding factor of how the course of your life is going to be.

I am going to say this again…


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