Calm Is Powerful

August 25, 2020 1 min read

Andy in Gym 

Do you know what is an extremely underrated skill in today’s world?

The ability to be still.

And by saying this, I don’t mean for you to sit still in a spot for 3 hours.

Well, if you meditate and envision your future, it could do wonders for you … but that’s not my point here.

What I am trying to say is…

In today’s world, where everyone is surrounded by noises…

…and notifications

…and alerts

…and this “modern” idea to always be doing something…

“Hustle-mode on 24/7 365” and other shit like that…

Take a few minutes everyday to stay calm…

To sit in silence…

Introspect: examine your thoughts and feelings.

Retrospect: Survey your day. Assess how your day was. What went good and what went not-so-good…

Visualize and plan: Plan on improving what could have gone better and visualize the same.

But most importantly, don’t rush it.

A few moments of calm and composed assessment and planning could save you years of struggle.

Always remember this…

“To a mind that is STILL, the whole UNIVERSE surrenders.”

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