Have the Courage to Look in the Mirror

January 06, 2023 2 min read

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Society has become the judge, jury and executioner on how to live life.

Anytime anyone does anything we have a whole army of “do nothings” trying to tell you how to live.

You should be doing this…

You should be doing that…

You shouldn’t do it this way…

If you know all about living life … then why does your life look like a dumpster fire?

Maybe … you should shut the fuck up, look in the mirror and ask yourself: How are YOU living YOUR life?

Every single one of these people … when you put the mirror in front of them … what do they see?


You know why they see nothing?  It’s because they won’t look in the mirror.

They are too busy booing and criticizing from the stands to ever actually get in the game.

No different than the high school MVP of the big game critiquing the play of an all-star Major League player.

It’s loser shit.

Plain and simple.

It seems society has forgotten that not everybody wants the same things in life.

…and just because someone is on a different path than you doesn’t make your judgement of them correct or noble or accurate … or anything.

More than likely it’s a projection of one’s own failures in life.

Understand that just because people aren't living like you doesn’t mean they’re living life the "wrong way"...

They've just decided what drives them and what doesn't...

No different than you.

Instead of worrying about how everybody else chooses to live their lives...

Look in the mirror and focus on the vision you have for your own life.

That's the only thing that truly matters.

Live YOUR life.

Who gives a fuck what others do with theirs?

If people took the criticism they are quick to lay on others and applied it to themselves their entire existence would begin to change….

…but you have to have the courage to look in that mirror.

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