Are You Willing to Get Uncomfortable?

September 22, 2022 1 min read

Andy sitting down in the gym

One thing I've come to recognize among all highly successful people … is their ability to put themselves under pressure when there is no pressure present.

It's not that successful people enjoy being miserable or uncomfortable...

They just understand that these high-pressure environments are where they forge the necessary skills to unlock true freedom down the road.

It's a simple exchange of comfort now … for comfort later.

Unfortunately, most people are unwilling to make this trade...

Which is why most people end up with a life they hate.

Understand that achieving your dreams isn’t possible without struggle.

It's the key ingredient in achieving all the shit you say you want.

You're gonna have to purposely make your life as hard as possible...

You're gonna have to show up early and stay late...

You're gonna have to work holidays...

You're gonna have to be obsessive...

You're gonna have to hold a high standard and never compromise on that standard...

All of these efforts are cumulative.

...and eventually, you'll have the opportunity to live a life by your design.

If you're not willing to get uncomfortable in the short term...

Don't expect anything more than what you're getting now.

That's the truth.

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