People Want More of This…

September 21, 2022 1 min read

Andy talking to people

While every other business, product, and service seeks to eliminate genuine human-to-human interaction...

You should be looking for ways to create more of it.

Trust me on this...

There has never been a better opportunity to separate yourself from your competition.

People crave these genuine interactions now more than ever before...

...and that human connection has never been harder to find.

Why don't more businesses try to create this experience?

Because it's hard.

Investing in people is hard.

Managing people is hard.

Coaching people is hard.

It's a hell of a lot easier and less expensive to automate everything with a fucking robot than it is to invest in human capital.

Do you know how many people called me a fucking moron for hiring and investing in real people?


All of which would kill to "pick my brain" for some business advice today.

Well, here it is...

Your customers don't want to talk to a robot.

Your customers want to talk to a real human that gives a fuck about them.

The sooner you start giving every customer that level of personal attention and care...

The sooner you can start winning.

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