Execute Through the Hard Times

November 29, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella walking

Hard times are inevitable for all of us.

...and when the hard times come...

Most people react by slowing down...

Or throwing in the towel for good...

Which creates a massive opportunity for anyone willing to take it.

The more experienced I've become in business and life...

The more I've come to recognize just how valuable these difficult times are.

While everybody else freaks the fuck out and goes into hiding … waiting for the storm to pass...

You need to get hyper-focused and intentional about getting better.

Training yourself to execute at a high level through these times will help you build the skills and resilience you need to win long-term and widen the gap between you and them.

As they get worse...

You will be getting better...

Giving you a massive advantage in the long-term.

Understand that your success both personally and professionally has a lot more to do with your execution during these hard times than it does when everything is easy and stress-free.

Everyone can execute when the times are good.

Very few can execute when they aren't.

Those are the people who win.

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