Quit Trying...Start Doing

November 28, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking in a group

We all know people who go out to start something new...

...and instead of giving their new venture their 100% committed effort...

They "give it a try" to justify their half-ass execution and protect their ego when they fail.

This is why these people lose.

"Trying" is not doing.

Doing is doing.

Doing well over time is how you win.

"Trying" is an excuse that lazy uncommitted people use as a scapegoat to avoid taking the actions required to produce a real result.

"Well ... I tried."


If you actually want to accomplish anything significant in your life...

Quit trying.

Start doing.

Do it long enough to do it well.

Then keep going.

People who "try" are people who fucking lose.


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