Use Your Energy Wisely

November 30, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking into a microphone

We only have so much energy to spend in a single day...

...and if you want to become truly excellent and build an incredible life for yourself and the people around you...

Managing this energy properly is essential.

Every ounce of this energy that you spend arguing with people...

Getting sucked into drama...

Or actively engaging in ANY bullshit...

Is an ounce of energy that you won't have to move your life forward.

This is something all successful people understand very well.

By getting involved in bullshit...

You only fuck yourself over.

Cut the negativity out and replace it with people, conversations, and content that adds to your energy instead of draining it.

Your energy is an extremely valuable and limited resource...

It's time you start treating it as such.

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