Every Single Interaction Matters

March 31, 2020 2 min read


It’s interesting to me that the most successful & wealthy people I know are the ones who treat others the best...

Where the people out there faking it are the ones treating people like shit.

Coincidence? Absolutely not.

Every single time you meet or interact with someone...no matter who they are, you have a choice:

You can choose to make them feel important & better about themselves.


You can be like 99% of the world and be indifferent...or worse, negative.

What most of you fail to understand is that by making people feel important and better about themselves you are actually creating tremendous long-term value in yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you own a business or are an employee...It pays VERY WELL for people to think highly of you and respect you for how you treat them.

Most people fuck this up because they only treat people well when they think they have something to gain.

But the truth is you never know who is going to come back around in your life.

I could one day be working for these two gentlemen in this picture. Their perception of me in this interaction could have been my first interview. It could literally make me or break me one day. I never lose sight of that.

So if you want to truly build a personal brand, a following & successful career, instead of just being “Mr. Nice & Respectful” online...trying being “Mr. Nice & Respectful”  

If people aren’t ecstatic to see you when you walk into a room...you have work to do.

You never know how your life is gonna go, and being nice & respectful to everyone you meet is ALWAYS a good business strategy....



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