We're All Trying To Figure It Out

March 30, 2020 1 min read


Let me lay something on you real quick:

All the people you look up to and admire for having it all together ... don't buy into it.

All of us are trying to figure it out...

Your parents.

Your mentors.

Your role models.

Your friends.



Movie Stars.

Some people are AMAZING at making you think they have it all figured out...(don't trust these people)

NOBODY has all the answers... 

The best any of us can do is put our head down, work hard as fuck, learn along the way and make a concerted effort to always do what's right.

Do that...and you’re winning!

What you may see from the outside as total success and having it all...is only another human who has become effective at a particular skill.

It's human nature to assume that, because someone else is dominant in something that we lack in ourselves...they must have everything else figured out too.

And it's not true.

This feeling is extremely harmful if we don’t understand it, because it makes us feel like we are COMPLETELY LOST...

I mean not only are the people we look up to good at things we aren’t, but they have everything else going for them too...Fuck!

Imagine how that thought can eat you alive!

It's a lie guys.

We live in an image based/marketing based/highlight reel world, and letting yourself believe it as fact can be very detrimental to how you perceive yourself.

Remember that.


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