Don’t Waste This Opportunity

February 14, 2023 3 min read

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“99% of people will eventually say to themselves, "I could’ve been great, but I bitched out."

Be the 1%.”

That’s the text from a viral meme my guys made off of an IG story I did a few years ago.

I just came across it yesterday and it got me thinking…

Why do people bitch out?

From my perspective … knowing what I know and living the life I have lived so far, it appears to me that life is much harder when you bitch out than it is when you push through.

This is obvious to me at this point.

So I really sat and thought hard on this…

I figured out of all my years in business and the personal development game it comes down to the same 2 main reasons:

1: “Life is hard.”

That’s a big reason and a valid one.

Life IS hard.

…but remember it’s not just hard for you.

It’s not the universe conspiring against you.

It’s not that God hates you.

In fact, if you just look at it a little differently the picture changes….

What if God is putting these challenges in front of you to force you to become what you are supposed to become?

What if the universe knows what skills you need and has actually conspired in your favor to have a bunch of situations arise that will give you the skills necessary to become who you most desire to become?

See what I’m sayin…

If you change perspectives … perspectives change.

Which makes the hard parts easier to tolerate because you know that when you get through to the other side there will be the actualization of your dream.

We gotta do our part with the work, but we tend to make it much harder on ourselves than it has to be by not looking at the situation in a way that serves us.

So that’s reason number one.

Why else do they bitch out?

2: “Nobody believes in me” or “haters.”

Yeah, get used to that second part. We live in a society where you could cure cancer and half the people would hate you for it.

Most people are so interwoven into their own misery and self-imposed limitations that you are insulting them by your actions of even attempting to be more than you are … because that suggests that you think you are better than them because you believe you are capable of something they have already convinced themselves that they are incapable of.

So because they don’t believe it’s possible for them … should you allow your present self to cheat your future self out of a bright ass future?

Honestly … fuck these people.

There is a cool part though…

You will inspire a lot of these people to improve their lives because they watch you so intensely…

If you live right and stay on the good path many of these people will actually improve, and while they may never tell you … this is a good thing.

A rising tide raises all ships.

The truth is I could list 1,000 little reasons people give up on themselves … and you’d identify with them all at least a little … you know why?

Because we are all essentially the same.

We are all human.

It’s hard AF for all of us.

Which is why it’s important FOR YOU READING THIS to push through.

For every single reason that you have for not becoming that version of yourself you truly wish to become…

There are thousands of people out there with harder circumstances than yours … and they’re winning.

What one man can do…

…another can do.

I heard that quote back in the movie The Edge from 1997.

It stuck with me and I believe it to be true.

Not just for myself…

…but for everyone.

The outcome of your life really is your choice … and you can be where you want to be much faster than you think if you commit to becoming the kind of person who accomplishes great things.

So, make today the day you look back on your life and say, "That was the day everything changed!”

You were put here to pursue your potential and create an amazing life for yourself and the people around you...

Don't waste this opportunity.

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