Awareness is the Key

February 13, 2023 2 min read

Andy talking on stage

I don't care what you see or hear on social media...

Nobody feels great about who they are 100% of the time.

Literally nobody.

I certainly don't.

Lots of people, especially people trying to sell you shit, pretend they have all the answers, never struggle, and are happy all the time.


You know it.

I know it.

…and if you don’t know it…

Know it now.

Every single person is struggling with some real shit that you know nothing about.

Being ok with not having it all figured out is the biggest thing that's helped me navigate these insecurities and determine what’s true and needs addressing and what is a product of overthinking, over analyzing and being too hard on myself.

Awareness is the key here.

When you can truly understand why you feel the way you do...

...and work your ass off to improve in your weak areas...

The way you feel about yourself will improve.

Trust me on that.

Your life is an ongoing project.

...and if you're a high-achieving person...

It's a project that you have to dedicate your entire life to.

Instead of letting that discourage you…

Shift your thinking into recognizing how truly exciting that is.

You have the opportunity every day to get better…

Think about that.

Think about all that open road ahead of you that you get to go down, evolve, learn and ultimately build the best version of yourself.

When you accept this journey…

You get to do more of everything…

You get to contribute more…

You get to develop new skills…

You get to build an amazing life…

…and eventually, that investment will pay off in the form of more confidence and belief in yourself.

The best part is … other people will follow and reap the same rewards you do for themselves because YOU WENT FIRST.

So while you may not feel great all the time…

The more you commit to the process of improving yourself…

…and the more you invest into who you’re becoming…

The better you’ll feel with time.

Work on your awareness.

Learn the difference between things that need to be addressed and improved, and the things that are a product of your overthinking and achievement mentality.

Not every load is yours to carry.

Carry yours the best you can and let other people carry theirs.

Understanding this distinction will allow you to move toward your best life at a much faster pace.

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