Do This When You Feel Tired...

February 06, 2023 1 min read

Andy standing on a job site.

How many times have you used “I’m tired” as an excuse to skip out on doing what needs to get done?

If you're being honest, it's probably way more times than you'd like to admit.

But if you're somebody who is looking to compete at a high level and win big in life...

Do you really think your competition is stopping to take a break every time they get tired?

Fuck no.

Here’s the reality…

We're all tired.

The only difference is some of us choose to grit it out while everybody else packs up and goes home.

If you can't learn to push through and execute...

No matter how tired you are...

You are going to get your ass handed to you by everyone else who does.

So ask yourself...

Are you really going to settle for a life that's much less than it could be just because you're tired?

I didn't think so.

Instead of taking your foot off the gas every time you get tired...

Train yourself to completely drain your tank, then push for more.

If you learn to do this … you'll have no problem getting where you're trying to go.

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