The Best Players Play in the Game

February 07, 2023 2 min read

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If you are the coach of a sports team...

Your job is to set your team up with the best opportunity to win.

...and in order to give your team the best opportunity possible...

You must put the best players in the game.

It doesn't matter how long some players have been on your team...

It doesn't matter which players you like the best...

It doesn't matter if everyone gets to play or not.

Your responsibility is to the team and that means you have a responsibility to do the best you can…

So if your goal is to win...

The best players play.


You’d get fired for anything less.

Happens everyday in sports.

So, what makes you think that it’s any different in business?

It isn't.

I see far too many people who destroy their entire company because they don't understand this concept.

When you give opportunities to people based on how long they've worked for you, how much you like them, or any of that shit...

What you're actually doing is telling your team that the results they produce don't matter … which breeds complacency among the entire team … and will ultimately lead to your downfall.

Even if you don't own a business or lead a team, this still applies to you.

If you want to play in the game...

Never forget that you are competing with a lot of other smart, talented and driven people who are committed.

You have to be undeniably great at what you do.

As an individual.

As a team.

If you aren't...

Your ass will be sitting on the sidelines real quick.

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