More Money Does NOT Mean More Problems

February 05, 2023 1 min read

Andy speaking in a microphone

We always hear these people saying, "More money, more problems."

Firstly … Notice most of those people have no money…

Second, and my main point for writing this, after spending the past 24 years building several successful businesses…

I've come to learn that isn’t true.

It's not at all that having more money will equate to more problems...

In fact, you can solve a lot of problems if you have the financial means to do so...

But that also doesn't mean you'll have less problems.

The truth is, while money doesn't necessarily bring you any more problems...

It does bring you DIFFERENT problems.

As you evolve...

So will the problems and challenges you face.

But regardless of whether you're rich or poor...

Your problems will never go away.

They will always be there.

Unfortunately, never will a time come where seas are smooth for sailing.

That’s why you have to become a skilled, resilient & tough sailor.

So, instead of using “more money more problems” as an excuse to stay the same forever…

Focus on building the skills you need to solve your problems no matter what the number in your bank account says.

Even though you'll still have problems to handle…

When you can turn yourself into a highly-skilled problem-solver...

Money will never be one of them.

That's a fact.

P.S. As someone who has had both sets of problems I’ll take the problems that come with money over the ones that come from a lack of it 100 times out of 100 … and anyone who says different likely isn’t speaking from personal experience.

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