Create Your Own Luck

May 06, 2024 1 min read

When you pay close attention to all the people who consistently win in life...

You'll realize that none of them are actually winning because of "luck."

Am I saying that luck doesn't exist?


It does.

Winning the lottery is luck.

Finding a 4-leaf clover is luck.

...but if your sole strategy for achieving your goals and dreams is the hope that you'll eventually get lucky and the stars will align for you...

Your chances of winning will be non-existent.

The real reason why some people win consistently in life is not luck...

It's not magic...

It's not talent...

It's not resources...

It's their commitment to doing the hard work over the long-term.

What makes you think it will be any different for you?

You're not that lucky.

Neither am I.

...and by assuming that someone is any more "lucky" than you are for creating the life they have...

You are surrendering the power you have to change your own situation.

That's a pretty hopeless feeling.

Start creating your own luck by focusing on the factors that are in your control.

Commit yourself to daily execution.

Build your skill set.

Adjust and audit your habits.

Embrace and learn to enjoy the hard work.

Hold a high standard and never compromise on that standard.

That's what it takes to win.

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