Let It Go and Keep Moving

May 05, 2024 1 min read


Bad shit happens to all of us...

Not just you.

Let it go.

Make the decision to keep moving regardless of the bad shit that's happened to you...

...and regardless of the bad shit that may be happening right now.

These situations are tests you must pass.

...and when you condition yourself to passing these tests consistently over the course of your life...

You will build the strength and confidence necessary to win no matter what challenges you are presented with.

There is peace in this.

Peace that most people never attain because they allow these situations to send them in a downward spiral toward darkness, despair, and perpetual victimhood.

Don't let that be you.

No matter how hard it may be...

Let it go and commit yourself to executing on your daily tasks in a non-compromising and non-emotional way.

Life is a continuous string of challenges from the day you're born ‘til the day you die.

Don't miss out on who you have the potential to become and the life you have the potential to build because of the bumps along the way.

That weak shit is for everyone else.

Not you.

Not us.

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