Comparison Is a Tool for Growth

December 31, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking to friends

We've all heard the saying "Comparison is the thief of joy."

...and while that CAN be true...

If you actually want to make something out of yourself and your life...

You have to compare yourself to somebody.

But here's the part most people miss...

The key to comparing yourself to others without getting frustrated is by having a realistic understanding of where they are in their journey vs where you are in yours.

We all like to look at people who are much further down the road than we are and get frustrated about where we are in comparison.

But the truth is...

If you were to audit yourself against these people...

Do you think you could honestly say that you've put in the same time they have?

Have you made the same commitment they have?

Do you have the same qualities they do?

Do you have the same habits they do?

Are you working as hard as they are?

Have you built the same skills they've built?

Have you been doing it as long as they have?

When you ask yourself these questions...

...and you start using comparison as a valuable resource to help you improve...

You'll be shocked by just how much progress you can make.

Comparison isn't a thief...

It's a tool.

Weak people hate this is true…

…but it is.

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