Be An Example Of What's Possible

June 01, 2020 2 min read

Andy sitting down

If you aren’t willing to suffer alone in the dark...

Don’t expect to celebrate in the light. 

99% of the time you’re gonna be your own coach, cheerleader, and critic.

It’s you. Only you.

It’s you who will make you.

It’s you who will kill you.

It's too many people's expectations these days that it’s someone else's obligation to “give you a shot” or “pull you along”.

You make your own fucking shots. 

And you make your own shots by pulling your own ass along when NOBODY is there to cheer you on, encourage you, or motivate you.

It’s you.

If you think someone is coming along to “make you” or “put you on” you’re delusional.

You know this. Yet, you sit there on your ass complaining and trying to hook your wagon to the first train that comes along that you think will get you there the fastest.

That’s weak as fuck.

And you know it because you feel ashamed of your weaknesses deep inside where nobody can see.

Sweat when nobody is watching.

Bleed when nobody is watching.

Work while they play.

Most of you won’t.

Most of you will read this and be like “Fuck yeah” and then go sit your ass back down on the couch, stuff your face with shit and drool on your pillow while watching the Walking Dead.

But for the ones bleeding alone in the dark...

For the ones sweating alone in the dark...

For the ones working while they play...

For the ones cheering themselves on while everyone else doubts you...

I want you to know...there’s nothing wrong with you...and you are not alone.

I’m with you.

I salute you.

Let’s shove it down motherfucker’s throats with our actions and the lives we create.

Then let’s step up and be an example of what’s possible.

This is just the beginning for me...

Make it the beginning for you too.


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