Do This When Things Get Complicated...

May 31, 2020 1 min read

Andy working out

No matter how much you work or how much you think you have it figured out...

There are gonna be days where it feels complicated.

So...let’s uncomplicate it:

Do the right thing.

Treat people with respect.

Support those who support you.

Be loyal to those people.

When you fall, get back up.

Look at "failures" as lessons.

Pick people up when you have the opportunity.

Lead through your actions, not your words.

And most of matter how hard it gets...

No matter how heavy the burden.

No matter how impossible things may seem in the beginning.


Keep swinging that out!

Chip away, Chip away, Chip after day...

And it may not be tomorrow...

It may not be next week...

Or even next year...

...but eventually you'll find yourself living the life you created in your mind long before a drop of sweat or blood was ever given.

And it will ALL BE WORTH IT.

If you do those things, I guarantee you that not only will you find success...

You’ll live a meaningful & impactful life, and in the end that’s worth more than having more money than you could ever spend....

...but there is nothing wrong with having both.


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