Doing "Your Best" Is Irrelevant

June 02, 2020 2 min read

Andy stepping on a tire

Do you learn when you lose?

Smart people do.

People with pride do.

People with the will to win do.

Champions do.

Learning from your losses is PARAMOUNT to success.

Do these people celebrate “Moral Victories”?

Can you picture Tom Brady losing the Super Bowl and saying “Oh, well it’s not that bad, we learned a lot...and we feel fortunate to just be here”...and walks out with a smile on his face?


You lost.

That’s it.


“But I did my best”.

Guess what? Nobody fucking cares about “your best”.

Losers kick rocks.

Winners lift up the championship trophy.

Get it?!

No matter how you justify it, or what story you tell yourself, the fact remains:

There are WINNERS.

There are LOSERS.

That’s it.


I’ve lost FAR MORE than I’ve won...but I never celebrated the “moral victory” or felt good about it.

The fact that you celebrate and feel good about your “moral victories” is a big part of the reason you’re not where you want to be...and on a much larger scale, a reason why our youth has such a hard time adjusting to the “real world”.

I know your grade school gym coach told you “as long as you do your best, things will be fine” ...but that was a lie.

Things won’t be fine.

The truth is “your best” is irrelevant.

How fucking good you are is what counts.

Quit accepting “I did my best” from yourself...

Start doing the shit you don’t feel like doing & making those investments in yourself that will improve your skill set so you won’t have to let yourself off the hook with a whiny “I did my best” and a 15th place ribbon.


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