Break Free From This Mindset…

February 12, 2023 1 min read

Andy sitting in the gym

A lot of people sit around and wait for that one thing to make all of their problems disappear.

They say shit like ... "Once I make enough money, I'll be happy."

"Once I get that promotion, I'll start enjoying my career."

"Once I knock out this project, I'll have no stress."

"Once I get motivated, I'll start going to the gym and lose weight."

You can probably name a few people off the top of your head who think this way...

You may have even caught yourself thinking this way before too...

It's a completely normal expectation that many of us have.

But, this mindset will also keep you confined to a life of mediocrity if you can't learn to break free from it.

It doesn't matter how much money you make...

It doesn't matter where you move...

It doesn't matter how you feel...

It doesn't matter who you meet...

ZERO of these things will solve all of your problems ... and they sure as fuck won't make you immune to struggles and challenges in the future either.

So you can keep wishing your problems away by waiting for that "one thing"...

But it won't solve shit for you.

Quit trying to escape from your problems...

Start FACING THEM head on.

It's through the process of continually addressing and solving your problems that will help you build the necessary skills to DOMINATE at anything you set out to do.

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