December 06, 2018 2 min read


There are people in life who have been given opportunities & given every possible advantage for free & guess what? These people still lose. And they are miserable. Then there are those who didn't grow up with a good family & didn't have any of the resources that most people do & had tons of really bad sh*t happen to them ... but guess what? In spite of all that, they find a way to WIN. And those people are happy. They are proud of who they are. Which kind of person are you? Be honest. Winner or loser? Miserable or happy?


00:20 – An update from Andy and the introduction to today's show

03:30 – Why we need to examine our own decisions in life instead of criticizing others

05:30 – How winners ultimately win and losers will always lose 

06:00 – Why you have all of the tools you need to succeed at your disposal right now  

07:30 – Are you the guy on the side of the road talking smack or are you a WINNER? 

09:00 – How performing at any level below domination is really losing 

10:30 – The definition of loser in today's world

12:00 – Why their is no excuse to not dominate, if you're patient and put in the work 

12:30 – What every leader needs to do in order to built an elite team

15:00 – Why winning is a choice we all get to make

17:00 – How hard work makes you HAPPY 

18:45 – Why you should question the shortcuts you take

20:00 – How it's pathetic to live life passively

21:45 – Why dissatisfaction with your life stems from a lack of self-respect

23:45 – How it's impossible to feel great about yourself if you're not giving your best effort 

24:30 – Why successful people know that playing the game, not just winning it, is the best reward 

27:30 – The bottom line: working hard is the answer to all of your problems


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