December 30, 2018 2 min read


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A long time ago I made a decision...I promised myself I would handle a common negative emotion in a positive way. Because I've been able to do that, it has massively impacted my ability to achieve success & happiness. In this episode, I tell you what it is & how handling it well transforms every aspect of your life. It's that important.


00:20 – Andy's introduction to today's show 

00:50 – How to handle yourself on social media and deal with criticism 

02:30 – Why you need to be honest with your emotions 

04:00 – How you are in competition with every single person in the world, including yourself

05:10 – Why Andy committed to not talking shit over ten years ago 

05:50 – How the higher power rewards our intense focus 

06:50 – Why Andy used to hate his competitors 

08:00 – How the universe processes your manifested jealousy 

09:50 – The key mindset shift that led Andy to success

11:40 – Two steps you need to follow in order to change your perception 

12:20 – How to transform your competition's success into your advantage

13:00 – Why you need to create an abundance mentality 

14:45 – The number one reason why you have haters in the first place  

15:50 – Why you should work to avoid the gossip 

17:00 – How changing mentality led to exponential growth for Andy

18:20 – Why successful people would never gossip on the internet 

19:20 – How Andy appreciates his competition's ability to push him to be better 

21:00 – Why "new year, new me" is bullshit


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