If you could take a time machine back to your biggest win in life…would you? If you’re thinking “Of course! I'd love to rocket back to Yesteryear to relive the Glory Days," then your chances of being a real success in life are probable zero. ZERO. Truly successful people have a completely different mindset. They are guided by a major rule in life: The 24-Hour Rule of Bragging. This rule protects you from mediocrity and helps you move on from massive mistakes.


00:30 – Andy's introduction to today's show

00:50 – What an MFCEO really is 

02:30 – Why Andy gives out a ton of content for free 

03:25 – The fee for The MFCEO Project podcast 

04:45 – Why so many people live in the past 

06:00 – What sets the Frisella's apart from others on Instagram 

06:45 – Why Sal never talks about his success as an athlete or salesman

08:00 – How truly successful people abide by the 24 Hour Rule of Bragging 

09:30 – Why a history of winning and domination is important to build momentum 

10:20 – How successful people define success in the present tense  

11:00 – Why who you were in the past is irrelevant, whether it be good or bad

11:50 – How to dramatically change your momentum over the course of 75 days

12:45 – Why Andy has fun enjoying his victories for a short period of time 

13:20 – How to start making progress now 


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