What can you learn about business from two guys from Tupelo, Mississippi? A lot. Josh West & Nick Weaver are two of the most incredible entrepreneurs I’ve met in a long time! They were best friends as kids & are now the founders of Blue Delta Jeans, a company that makes the best blue jeans I've ever worn in my life! We talked about their story, their struggle, & the lessons every entrepreneur can apply. You're not just going to learn a lot in this episode. You're going to laugh, too. A lot.


00:10 – Andy's introduction to today's show

01:30 – Why Vaughn is pushing himself outside of his comfort zone 

04:00 – How The Diesel Brothers have impacted the Frisella brothers

06:30 – The introduction to today's guests Josh West and Nick Weaver

08:30 – Why real entrepreneurship happens underneath the radar 

09:30 – How Blue Delta Jeans is operating at the pinnacle of customer service

11:30 – Why they got their start in his grandfather's welding shop

15:00 – How they got started making just 5 pairs of jeans per week  

17:20 – Why they used the Toyota lean process to scale their business  

18:00 – How they use employee satisfaction to land the best talent possible 

19:45 – Why both founders are aligned on their core values despite different backgrounds

20:30 – How they used other opportunities and businesses to bank roll their core operation

23:00 – Why running their business efficiently generated confidence 

24:00 – How bootstrapping became a blessing for them as entrepreneurs 

27:30 – Why Nick was able to overcome his stutter and insecurity to become an expert in sales

28:30 – How Andy's scars have become a massive asset over the years 

32:40 – Why you need to learn to enjoy the ride

33:45 – How you will always have to compete with yourself to reach the top 

35:00 – Why you need to pay for high quality products

37:00 – How they are serving this country with an amazing product 

41:00 – Why caring is not a buzz word 

42:00 – How standing for something is the only way to succeed long-term

44:30 – Why your identity is never pigeon-holed  

48:00 – How they've increased their focus on quality as they've scaled 

51:00 – Why success is about developing skills and paying attention to detail

53:30 – How talent is the foundation of any winning team  

55:00 – Why you need to be proud of your brand 

55:45 – How they are getting recognition from athletes like Dak Prescott and Eli Manning 

59:30 – Why they are extremely proud of the customers they serve 

61:00 – How they have hit the road and found their niche in corporate gifting 

62:30 – Why they have an extremely high referral rate 

67:00 – How you can support Blue Delta Jeans 


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