What would it be worth to you if you could 100X traits in yourself like confidence, self-belief, discipline, & grittiness...& completely transform your life? These are not traits you are born with, but skills you develop. I've spent more than twenty years figuring out how to master mental toughness & I'm putting everything I've learned into a program I call 75HARD. What's it all about & how can it help you become who you are meant to be & get the life you want? Take a listen.


00:10 – Andy's introduction to today's show

01:00 – How Vaughn has noticed Andy's increase in focus

03:30 – Why the Iron Cowboy inspired Andy to start 75HARD

05:00 – The impact of Tim Grover on Vaughn and Andy 

06:15 – Why mental toughness is a skill, not a character trait 

07:30 – How to own the mental conversation you're having with yourself 

08:30 – Why everything finally clicked for Andy

09:30 – How to cultivate the necessary skills required for success 

11:30 – Why 75HARD is ultimately a mental toughness challenge 

12:30 – How to get things done even when the conditions aren't ideal 

15:00 – Why Andy is putting himself on the line for this challenge

17:00 – How 20 years of thought has gone into this program 

18:00 – Why most people mess their lives up 

19:00 – The parameters of the 75HARD challenge 

21:00 – How saying "no" will help you accomplish your goals 

22:30 – Why you have to start over if you break any of the commitments 

24:20 – How to plan your workouts over the course of the challenge

25:10 – The importance of training outdoors 

26:15 – What drinking a gallon of water everyday will teach you 

27:30 – Why reading books will improve your life 

29:50 – The reason Andy wants you to take progress pictures daily 

32:30 – Why respect for yourself is earned

34:10 – How to push yourself well beyond what you think you're capable of 

35:40 – The hardest part about this challenge 

37:00 – Why you have to build magnetic presence 

38:15 – How this program is designed for failure

40:00 – Why this challenge is built for everyone 

41:30 – What life, winning, and success are all about

42:50 – How this program is meant to transform culture 

44:45 – Why you must complete this program to truly get the benefit

46:00 – How to power through the boredom 

48:00 – Why everyone should check out James Lawrence's book 


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