There's a skill involved in making a lot of money & it also happens to be the same skill that gives you the ability to make a powerful impact on someone's life. That skill is...listening. Problem is, most people have no idea how to listen to ask questions, how to open people up & draw them out, & how to use what they've told you about themselves to really build them up & help them be the best they can be. That's what I talk about in today's episode.


00:00:20 – Andy and Vaughn's introduction to today's show
00:03:45 – The key factor behind Andy's recent uptick in energy
00:06:00 – Why events need to fundamentally change
00:09:00 – How the revolution will soon take place in this industry
00:11:15 – The difference between hating and telling the truth
00:12:50 – Why you cannot get away with scamming people in 2019
00:16:00 – How Ed and Andy turned down $3M in monthly revenue to do what was right
00:18:45 – Why it's a lose-lose situation to make your money the wrong way
00:20:30 – How to build a culture that makes people love to come to work
00:24:30 – Vaughn's story of meeting the most charismatic person in his life
00:26:00 – Why Andy takes his speaking responsibility very seriously
00:28:10 – How to know your role in social dynamics
00:31:00 – Why asking the right questions can help you uncover people's core values
00:33:30 – How caring about your customers is the only way to create mutually beneficial relationships
00:34:40 – Why you are ALWAYS selling with every conversation
00:36:00 – How long-term success is about creating lifetime brand advocates
00:38:20 – Vaughn's two part question for better understanding people
00:40:15 – Why busting someone's chops is a good way to build rapport
00:43:00 – How retail jobs can help any aspiring entrepreneur
00:47:00 – Why anyone could change the way you think with one comment
00:49:30 – A quick trip to help you remember people's names
00:56:00 – Why you should ask clarifying questions before switching topics
00:59:00 – How sales always feels weird in the beginning
01:00:30 – The flaws with Andy's early sales mindsets
01:02:00 – How one shift in mentality helped Andy double business year over year for 5 straight years
01:04:00 – Why a lot of businesses are profiting right now with shady tactics
01:07:00 – How using these tools will accelerate your growth
01:10:00 – The reason you are afraid to approach a beautiful woman in public
01:11:00 – Why shifting your agenda is the fastest way to gain confidence
01:12:15 – How improving other people's lives opens doors
01:13:45 – Why genuine, good intent can never be creepy


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