February 05, 2019 3 min read


The rules for social media success are changing. I'm a social media influencer myself & I employ dozens of influencers who represent my companies, & I can tell you this: the game is different now. It's so different that much of what used to work isn't going to work anymore. In this new era, if you want to build a focused & engaged following, leverage your platform for your business, & make millions off your personal brand...then you better take to heart what's in this episode & put it into practice.



00:00:20 – Andy's introduction to today's show
00:04:10 – Why dishonesty is the most annoying thing to Andy
00:06:00 – How working hard and struggling helps you become more relatable
00:08:00 – Why everyone wants to copy the top influencers
00:09:50 – The reasons social media is here to stay
00:11:10 – Why your influence is not dictated by your number of followers
00:13:00 – How you adapt will determine your long-term success
00:20:00 – The history of media advertising and adaptation
00:22:30 – Why you can't let a blue check mark distance you from your audience
00:25:00 – The truth about the most powerful influencers
00:26:30 – Why you need a focus and willingness to tell the truth
00:30:00 – How brands should view engagement numbers
00:32:00 – Why you need to ruthlessly patrol your ego
00:34:00 – How targeted audiences naturally lead less haters
00:37:00 – The core principles behind the value you must provide on social media
00:39:20 – Why authenticity will never result in churning your core audience
00:40:30 – How polarization will always be to your benefit
00:43:00 – How to make the most money possible as an influencer
00:47:00 – Why Andy turned down K-Swiss and Jack Daniels sponsorship offers
00:50:00 – How to properly use your posts and swipe-up feature
00:51:30 – Why storytelling is the backbone of building a brand
00:56:20 – How to balance the different forms of content
00:58:00 – The first thing you have to do when building a brand
01:01:00 – Why your posts are your movie, while your stories are the outtakes
01:03:45 – How everyone is ultimately a normal human
01:05:00 – Why you need to have faith in the face of adversity
01:07:30 – How you are ultimately selling hope, regardless of product
01:09:30 – Why influence is the greatest currency in today's economy
01:11:30 – The feeling that Andy works for every single day
01:16:00 – Why Sal left his 6-figure job to join 1st Phorm
01:19:00 – How to stand out in today's marketplace
01:21:00 – The reason Andy refuses to sell the company
01:24:00 – Why you need to start thinking about the long-term now
01:27:00 – How lying to your audience is self-destructive
01:29:00 – The big difference between pretending to care and actually caring
01:31:30 – Why you will never loose if you're doing the right thing
01:34:00 – How authenticity boils down to being who you are at your core
01:36:00 – Why you need to be creative to entertain your audience
01:38:00 – How sales is a way of life
01:38:45 – The stories you tell yourself and why they hold you back
01:42:20 – The final word on social media strategy


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