January 31, 2019 2 min read

When is enough, enough? When are you going to buy enough courses or go to enough conferences? I am all for you finding resources that actually provide value by teaching you something. I support you trying to develop yourself as a person & entrepreneur. The problem is, a lot of you need to declutter the nonsense in your lives, stop dabbling in "generating income" & start driving deep into building a real brand & legitimate company. You need to stop wasting time & double down on creating an empire.


00:15 – Andy's introduction to today's show

01:10 – Why Andy doesn't frequently speak at events today

02:15 – How Andy takes issue with the business model behind events 

03:45 – When is enough, enough? 

05:00 – Why most of you are creating businesses that can't scale  

05:40 – How to think about launching a business  

06:20 – Why you should be generating value AND cash flow

07:20 – "The point is not to look wealthy, it is to be wealthy." 

08:00 – Why building a brand is of utmost importance

08:30 – How events feed into this toxic culture 

09:00 – Why Andy's personal values do not align with most events 

10:00 – How you are being taken advantage of  

11:00 – Why there is no shortcut in the game of success 

11:40 – How everything you need to know is available for free 

12:10 – The choice you need to make right now 

13:15 – Why you need to declutter the nonsense   

14:00 – How to create a life that deserves recognition 

15:15 – Why what you avoid the most is the key to winning 

15:45 – How we are always looking for the next thing

16:15 – Why Andy spends just 10% of his income on his lifestyle 

17:15 – How Andy reinvested all of his money back into his companies 

18:10 – Why you should be constantly putting money back into your business 

20:00 – How Andy strives to be a force for good   

20:50 – Why people don't want to be taught anything 

21:30 – How Facebook's algorithm will soon change 

22:10 – Why you need to be thinking about creating generational wealth 

22:40 – How most event attendees are actually in debt 

24:00 – Why you need to pick and choose wisely 


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