What do you think is impossible? Pretty much everybody told my guest & friend James Lawrence that doing 50 Iron Mans in 50 days in 50 different states was impossible. But he did it. Not because he is a gifted athlete or had access to special resources, but because he learned how to create a mental toughness that is 1000 times stronger than iron. This episode will show you that you really can crush the absurdly huge goals that everybody else thinks you can't.


00:00:15 – Andy's introduction to today's show
00:03:40 – Introducing James Lawrence, aka The Iron Cowboy
00:05:30 – How James completed 50 Iron Mans in 50 days in 50 different states
00:07:00 – Why James has used hard work ethic and blue collar work ethic to get where he is today
00:08:30 – How wrestling taught both Andy and James about incredible mental toughness
00:10:00 – Why explosive interval training is so important in athletics
00:11:00 – How James still hates running today, despite holding world records
00:12:10 – Why mental toughness is a perishable skill set
00:14:50 – How James once sat on a Ferris wheel for ten days
00:16:30 – Why he used those ten days to reflect on where he wanted to go
00:17:45 – How James uses his road work as time to think
00:20:00 – Why we should be worried about the way technology affects our attentions
00:22:30 – How James got his start on a 4 mile fun run
00:23:30 – What truly drew James to triathlons
00:25:00 – Why he transformed financial adversity into social impact and opportunity
00:26:30 – How he has continued to put more and more challenges on his plate
00:29:00 – Why he was mocked for trying to accomplish 50 Iron Mans in 50 days
00:30:00 – How he aimed to prove himself right instead of proving others wrong
00:32:00 – Why we are better off teaming up with our competitors
00:35:00 – How to have an impact as a speaker
00:40:00 – Why he would spend up to 16 hours per day competing
00:42:20 – How he made it through the first three days of hell
00:44:00 – Why his daughter help hold him accountable
00:45:00 – "He who knows his WHY can bare almost any HOW"
00:46:00 – How they made it through hurricane weather
00:48:30 – Why there is no way to please everyone
00:52:00 – How the doubters will never go away
00:53:15 – Why he is aiming to do 7 Iron Mans on 7 continents in 7 days
00:55:45 – Self belief: the foundation of massive accomplishment
00:57:30 – How your body adapts quickly to keep you functioning
00:59:30 – Why he never doubted their ability to hit their goal
01:03:00 – How James aims to help free people from their mental struggles
01:05:00 – Why you need to understand the game you're playing
01:06:00 – The secret to success and what you need to focus on
01:07:40 – How the most successful people grow to love adversity
01:10:00 – The only way to reach the top of the ladder
01:11:45 – Why perspective is fluid throughout your life
01:13:00 – How the most successful people are always the most humble
01:14:30 – Where to find James on social and where to buy his book


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