June 12, 2019 2 min read


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The longer I live, the more I believe that people's success is determined by the questions they ask themselves. There's a bunch of people out there who really aren't succeeding & really aren't getting the results they say they want, because they don't have the right answer to the question, "will I put in the work when no one's looking?" And there are other people who are paralyzed with fear & regret because they constantly ask "what if?" Listen, regardless of the question, the answer is always GO HARD.


00:10 – Andy's introduction to today's show 

00:30 – Insight into the things going on in Andy's busy life

01:15 – How Andy has built incredible momentum over the last 100 days

02:10 – The truth about feeling in control and not being reactionary 

03:15 – Why 75 Hard will produce drastic physical transformations 

04:50 – How integrity is paramount to success  

05:30 – Why you can't have lasting success without integrity 

06:00 – What the most successful people do behind closed doors

07:10 – The fundamental purpose of the 75 Hard program 

08:30 – How results have differed across the board 

09:00 – Why your thoughts and opinions of yourself are ultimately what is most important 

09:40 – How this program is designed to be difficult 

10:30 – Why 75 Hard is the ultimate tool to fix your life 

11:15 – How we are all surrounded by potential every single day 

11:50 – The one illogical thing that stops most people 

12:30 – Why fear of the unknown prevents most people from meeting their potential 

13:00 – The three debilitating things that fear causes us

13:45 – How time will continue on with or without your action 

14:30 – Why you need to stop beating yourself up over fear of the unknown 

15:15 – How useless worrying slowed Andy down 

16:00 – The one strategy for overcoming fear of the unknown 

16:30 – Andy's three truths that got him through the rough points of business

17:30 – How to go hard in the mother fucking paint on what you're certain about 


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