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Do you fear the unknown? Andy Frisella says people get paralysis by analysis because they are constantly asking "What if?" You don't know what's going to happen--and you don't need to. Successful people experience whatever comes--and execute their plan anyway.  In this episode, the MFCEO is clear: Don't fear the unknown.

Episode Soundbytes

Don't Be Afraid of "What If?"

"Every single person out there, reading this right now, is afraid of the 'what ifs'. I used to think just like that. I used to wonder if all the work would be worth it."

There's No Success Fairy

"There sure as fuck isn't a success fairy out there. You go out, you execute and good shit happens."

Take the Cards You're Dealt

"A lot of people think being successful is being dealt the perfect cards. That's what losers fucking say. It’s not about being dealt the perfect cards, but taking the cards you’re dealt and making the most of them. It's about taking the things that pop up and punch you in the fucking eye and hitting them back twice as hard so you can keep moving forward."

Not Having a Plan Shouldn't Stop You

"I know there's that one guy out there saying, "Andy, you're saying I should just run with no fucking plan?" No, motherfucker, that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that it’s good to have a plan. But at the end of the day, if that stops you from going from here to there and moving from planning to acting, you're only hurting yourself."

Just Go Out and Execute

"The more time you put in, the more experience you have, and the more confidence you develop. Fear is normal. Just go out and fucking execute. When bad shit happens, figure out how to get past it."

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