November 03, 2015 2 min read

There's always more to say about sales.  In this second episode dedicated to the topic, Andy Frisella talks about the importance of listening, focusing on your strengths, showing customers appreciation, and being "The Guy."  Those are just a few of the fine details of sales.

Reminder: Sales Is About Helping People

Andy begins this podcast with a reminder of his bedrock principle:  Sales is not about pushing products or services.  It is about helping someone.  It is about offering solutions and providing value.

Be Quick to Question

Andy says that you should be slow to speak and quick to ask questions. In others words, listen! The best sales people are like doctors.  They ask a battery of questions, learn what their customers need, and then make a diagnosis and offer a "prescription."

Focus on Your Strengths, Not Your Competitions Weaknesses

Andy says that you shouldn't bother bashing your competition.  It shows insecurity.  Besides, this is not a comparison.  All your competitors could produce terrible products or services.  That doesn't mean yours is any good.  You are the measure of your own success--in life and business.  So focus on offering the greatest possible product or service and let your strength speak for itself.

Be "The Guy"

Andy says you should work to make yourself a well-rounded "resource" for your customers.  Learn their interests and activities.  Give them recommendations and insight on things that you don't sell--like good restaurants, places for their kids to play, etc.  Don't just be a salesperson.  Be "The Guy" who provides all sorts of tips and solutions for your customer.

These tips and more!

In addition to these insights into the fine details of sales, Andy shares his thoughts on:

Being motivated by genuine care and concern, not a desire to manipulate

Showing customers appreciation

Achieving genuine friendship through a sales relationship


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