If you’re overwhelmed by what you think you need to know to master social media influence…relax. If you feel confused about what exactly you’re suppose to do to achieve massive results on Instagram and other platforms…don’t sweat it. In this episode, I boil everything down to the nuts & bolts & give you a simplified list of dos and don'ts. If you take seriously what I tell you & put it into practice, you’ll become the kind of influencer that generates massive amounts of impact & income.


00:10 – Andy's introduction to today's show 

01:10 – Why Andy's former doctor fired him 

02:10 – How you should treat your time in the game of business

03:30 – Why Andy doesn't just answer off-the-cuff questions on social  

05:00 – How you gain skills by learning on your own, not being told what to do  

06:10 – Why most of you don't have what it takes to achieve ultimate success 

10:20 – How this show will supplement episode 285  

11:30 – Why you shouldn't copy someone else who has been successful on social media 

12:20 – How engagement isn't just about numbers anymore 

13:40 – Why you can't put yourself on a pedestal because of your influencer status 

14:55 – How you should view your long-term content strategy 

15:50 – Why you can't and shouldn't try to please everyone 

17:20 – How you must be incredibly diligent with who you associate with 

18:40 – Why real influence is targeted influence 

19:55 – How focused comments are driven by thoughtful questions

20:45 – Why you have to create content about how you got there  

21:30 – How to view yourself as another face in the crowd  

22:15 – Why you need to view Instagram posts as the polished product 

23:00 – How you need to always leave your audience asking for more 

24:10 – Why social media is about to go through a revolution 

25:05 – How you will likely do your first monetization deal 

28:00 – Why great influencers and friends inspire each other 

29:30 – How the biggest celebrities represent themselves in a relatable manner

31:00 – Why long-term success in the influencer game comes from valuable content 

33:20 – How Andy's perspective is backed up by tons of data points  



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